Are you thinking of updating your kitchen?

The layout of your kitchen is fine but the cupboards and bench top are looking worn and tired. You don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

TRS could have the solution for you! We specialize in the complete renovation of your kitchen offering high quality without that expensive price tag. All our work comes guaranteed. You can choose almost any colour from any colour chart, we can even colour match to a sample. We can resurface over the following materials:

  • Melteca;
  • Melamine;
  • Laminate;
  • Custom wood/MDF;
  • Wooden doors;
  • Previously spray-painted doors.

We normally do not resurface doors that have been hand painted or rolled with acrylic or enamel paint products, due to risk of reaction between products. However water based options are now available.

Here are some photographs of kitchen renovations that we have been involved with.


Kitchen resurfacing jobs typically take 5-7 working days to complete. Prior to commencing work:

  • Price is confirmed in writing;
  • Product type, colour and sheen level are chosen;
  • Date is scheduled for beginning of job and completion date.


A TRS applicator will pick up and label the job (2-3hrs). If on-site spraying is required this will normally be scheduled this day. (5hrs+)


Cupboards are transported to factory premises. Cupboards are then cleaned, filled, sanded, undercoated, fine sanded then top coated


Cupboards are checked over to ensure quality of finish. They are then packaged and transported back to site where they are re-attached to the cabinetry.

Kitchen Cupboards

Resurfacing of your cupboards includes all visual joinery. This is the front and back of the cupboards and the surrounds. It does not include the inside carcases. You have several choices of finishes for your cupboards. The most common product and finish we use for customers is the pigmented (colour of your choice) ‘Mirobuild’ mid range product, with a satin finish.

1) Mid Range product-Mirobuild (Medium duty/Acid cured). This product is used for:

  • domestic kitchen units
  • hotel furniture
  • restaurant and office furniture
  • public foyer furniture
  • domestic bathroom vanities
  • shop fittings
  • commercial interior doors
  • commercial wall and celing panels

2) Top of the Range product-Mirothane (High duty/polyurenthane). This product is used for:

  • commercial kitchen units
  • hotel, laboratory and office furniture
  • bar and restaurant furniture
  • public bathrooms and conveniences
  • shop fittings and service counters
  • yacht and boat interiors
  • commercial shelving
  • wet wall panelling

The available finishes are:

  • Pigmented (colour finish)
  • Clear finish (generally for use over timber such as rimu etc)
  • Metallic finish
  • Satin finish
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • High-gloss finish
  • Textured spray