InterContinental Wellington Hotel

The InterContinental Wellington is the only internationally-branded five-star luxury hotel in Wellington. This stylish contemporary luxury hotel is located opposite the Harbour and at the centre of Wellington’s political, commercial and corporate worlds.

Total Resurfacing Solutions has provided resurfacing surfaces to the InterContinental since 2005. As a high-occupancy hotel, the InterContinental requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Because of the InterContinental’s profile and reputation as Wellington’s leading hotel, this work must be completed to exacting standards. It must also be undertaken with minimum disruption to hotel staff and to the guests.

Total Resurfacing Solutions has completed three major contracts for the InterContinental:

  1. Resurfacing and applying safety tread to over 100 baths in the hotel. Over time the bath’s surface wears and fades. In addition, chips are a regular occurrence in a hotel environment. The enamel baths installed at the InterContinental are surrounded by granite, meaning that to replace the baths would be an extremely costly exercise. Total Resurfacing Solutions were able to work room to room, resurfacing the baths and applying an anti–slip coating. Our proven and efficient system ensured we could:
    Keep noise to a minimum.
    Turnaround rooms in 24 hours saving valuable downtime.
    Extract and contain odours to rooms being worked in while paying guests stayed next door.
    Provide a new, clean looking surface that Total Resurfacing Solutions stands behind with our time-tested warranties.
  2. Re-coating the swimming pool, spa pool and surrounding areas. Heated pools combined with chlorine and other chemicals take their toll on any surface. Total Resurfacing Solutions applied an epoxy coating to the pool areas and applied a non-slip coating to areas surrounding the pools for safety and ease of cleaning.
  3. Resurfacing of commercial kitchen floor. The large kitchen floor had a worn, red brick finish that was impossible to keep sterile. The floor also received a large amount of traffic, both foot and trolleys. Total Resurfacing Solutions came up with a solution to seal off the floor and provide an easy to clean, durable surface to work on.